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Country Girls Rock! 

We had so much fun at last night's "Country Girls That Rock" benefit show!  Everyone is so talented and we're glad to have had the opportunity to share the stage with some amazing girls: Payton Taylor, and Kaitlyn Baker.

We're so happy to have donated 50% of our merch proceeds to "Cure For Our Friends" cystic fibrosis foundation--a cause that's highly underfunded.  (if you're interested in finding out more information or would like to donate please visit their website by clicking the link provided.)

Check out… Read more

Shhhut It Down! 

We've all done it.  We've: tweeted about it, laughed about it, talked to others about it, and most importantly, talked to that girl in the mirror about it.  I'm talking about destructive self-criticism.

We can all become better versions of ourselves--everyday--but it takes discipline and vision, not negative reinforcement--Hello!--Freud
Anyway, I found this video (a Special K commercial of all things) that is a definite eye opener.  It's referring to "fat talk", but it's a lesson we can all use across the… Read more

Happy Valentine's Day! 

We just wanted to take a second to tell our fans, friends and family, "We LOVE you!"

Hope you have had a wonderful day.   Here's to a lovely evening.  Cheers!

Alicia & Rachael

2014!! The Best Year EVER! 

We know, we know… we're late… but we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.  2014 is going to be a great year!  Duh!--it adds up to 7, my lucky number!  If you've made a resolution, I hope you've stuck with it thus far--if not… better luck next year, eh? haha ! NO! You can do it!  Just get back into the routine--no better time like the present!

I'm not so sure I made a resolution but I have been working out every day.  Wait… mine is to be EARLY and ON TIME--Hey!--I'm right brained and leftRead more

Wait! Before you tell Little Timmy to put down that guitar.... 

In school, my mom used to tell me to turn off my stereo to do my homework.  I did; but without the music playing, I had a hard time concentrating.

I am a musician; I can't change who I am.  This is just how my brain works.  Both Rachael and I played in our school bands; I played French horn, and Rachael played the flute.  There's just something about music that helps the brain work more efficiently, and here's an article from the New York Times that backs that philosophy.  The article talks about some of the… Read more



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